Kevin Bourque was born and raised in California by famous insurance agent W. Ralph Bourque and wife Jean. Fleeing his hometown of Stockton (fun facts: Stockton bares the highest per capita murder rate in the country and was the largest city in the US to declare bankruptcy!) Bourque attended UCLA, where he got his degree in Film and Television Production in 1991. While at UCLA, he directed a plethora of award winning short films including "In Transit" (a favorite on the film festival circuit and distributed worldwide), and "Just Watch" (a highly acclaimed quirky animated piece).

Upon graduation Bourque turned to music videos, directing clips for underground and alternative artists including MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE, MICHAEL PENN, FISHBONE and BIG CAR.

He's worked as an editor for the past 20 years, working on projects as diverse as a documentary about Abortion Rights for The Feminist Majority to The Maxim Hot 100 Countown, The Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Special and Hillary Clinton's campaign film for US Senator. He's worked on hit shows such as LA Ink, Little People, Big World, Mountain Men, The Bachelor and others.

He won an Emmy in 2009 for  Multiple Camera Editing as the only editor on FROM THE TOP: LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL.

Bourque's work also expands beyond the realm of the moving image, to include a series of iconographic works of art—a fancy way of saying he paints stuff. The artist claims to not really know what the inspirations for most of these images are, but he suspects that they rise from a general lack of fiber in his diet (he is making some effort to correct this… hopefully his art doesn't suffer for it).  

He has created large-scale installations a number of times at Burning Man and also created and organized large-scale music and art events.

He has been the sound designer for a number of features, commercials, video games and music videos.

He has also composed music for television specials including BREAKING THE NEWS on CBS.  He has also produced and recorded a number of full length album releases under the name SKIN and has performed live with various artists including Burning Man favorite The Mutaytor.

He is also the composer, writer and co-founder of the award-winning Los Angeles based circus arts troupe CIRQUE BERZERK, mounting full length theatrical circus performances for extended runs across the world.

He is also currently in the process of writing his first novel.

Obviously he likes to be productive.